Spray Tan Wilmington, NC

The best in the Port City.

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Before Tanning

It is important to remember to make some minor preparations before spray tanning that will help you achieve the best and longest lasting tan.

Exfoliate with a loofa or sugar scrub. This is best done the day before. Take care not to use materiels that may scratch the skin such as crushed walnut shells as this can cause micro tears in the fresh skin beneath

Make sure to use a quality moisturizer before and after tanning. It's all about stying hydrated. There are some lotions specificlly designed for spray tanning such as our Tango Sun's Skindance lotions.

Talk to your technician about your skin's pH. If your skin is too alkaline you will not tan as well. The technician can spray a prep solution that will lower your skins pH and help you achieve a much better tan.